BANKS Rewriting The Template

R&B has been revolutionised in recent years, in fact the very template seems to have ripped to shreds and those that have reinvented it aren’t the labels; it is the artists themselves. The latter half of the last decade seemed to disappoint with R&B deciding to groove to the sound of dance. We were blessed […]

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Le X Word

“I saw a headline saying Arsenal are flying the flag for Britain, I kind of wondered where that British involvement actually was when I looked at their team. It’s important that top clubs don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s the English Premier League and English players should be involved.” “Foreign players have been […]

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A Cry For Help

by Blake Valentine So I’m just there chilling, minding my business, commuting. Headphones in. A playlist titled “Muad” is playing; a compilation of my favourite ~20 songs for that fortnight to month period. See, I’m fickle. That playlist changes quite regularly; every 2-4 weeks to maximise my enjoyment and to totally qualify the title. Anyway, a […]

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The Gym Generation and Hypermasculinity

By Calum Jacobs Recently, Diane Abbott said something that was both accurate and perceptive. Speaking to the Guardian she asserted that Britain was facing ‘a crisis of masculinity’. Where consumerism had replaced earning, providing and belonging for many men, giving rise to a culture of “hypermasculinity” – a culture that exaggerates what are perceived as manly […]

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