A Post About Nothing – 2nd December

I’m back after a stint off due to a paying job taking preference.

Today is Monday.

R.I.P Paul Walker.

Have you ever watched egg porn?

Fair play to Tom Daley, although we kinda knew already pal.

Amazon Drones? I really hope an employee loads it with a package of dog shit and drops it over Apple HQ, for shits and gigs.

It’s that time of year where we celebrated our true loves giving us a partridge in a pear tree? Not only have you cut down a tree, you have also failed to take into consideration that I don’t like pears. Not really a true love if you don’t pay attention to detail.

In fact the only useful gift in that god awful song is ladies dancing but that would be a tad unrealistic in any healthy relationship, right?

For me to get pissed off by that, I would need somebody in my life to give me such a shit present.

I just saw the pun in ‘shits and gigs’.

Dappy got kicked in the face by a horse. Has anyone checked up on the horse to see if it’s okay?

Do you want to know how to make KFC chicken?

R.I.P Richard Harrow.

Until next week….

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