What 2013 Has Taught Us

No one gives a shit about Miley Cyrus, stop asking me if I watched her performance last week. Twerking is just dancing. Get over it. Please. Human solidarity can last for a week or two after the death of an iconic figure such as Nelson Mandela. No one really gave a shit about the Blurred […]

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I Am Man

I am man. I have a penis. I have urges. I have a brain. I am told that woman is my conquest. I was always told I am the hunter, never the hunted. She is my prey. She has a vagina. She has urges. So who is she to reject my advances? Well, she also […]

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My Music Releases of 2013 (Revised)

I have to stress immediately, that the views here represent that of only myself, and not the other contributors to Marvin’s Corridor. You see, people on the internet are an incredibly sensitive bunch, myself included. So when people talk about their releases of the year, they should always stress whose opinion they are representing. The […]

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Kelela – CUT 4 ME

By Calum Jacobs  The moment a new artist emerges; the temptation to liken them to an act that came before can be almost automatic. Comparison, they say, is the thief of joy, yet it also exists as a convenient tool to describe something new, which is nonetheless reminiscent of the subtle shades of meaning that […]

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We’re All Born Creative

Do you remember that game you used to play to pass the time on those wet afternoons? The one where you couldn’t touch the carpet otherwise you would be destroyed by the searing molten lava? Or the superhero you created from scratch with a utility belt that would have Batman begging for a job outside […]

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