Propaganda is a Way of Life

By Jesse Bernard I visited the Propaganda: Power and Persuasion exhibition at The British Library and whilst I was there, I had a recurring thought in my mind – do you blame those that propagate or those who are susceptible to it for its consequences? Propaganda: Information, esp. of a biased or misleading nature, used […]

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A Cry For Help

by Blake Valentine So I’m just there chilling, minding my business, commuting. Headphones in. A playlist titled “Muad” is playing; a compilation of my favourite ~20 songs for that fortnight to month period. See, I’m fickle. That playlist changes quite regularly; every 2-4 weeks to maximise my enjoyment and to totally qualify the title. Anyway, a […]

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The Gym Generation and Hypermasculinity

By Calum Jacobs Recently, Diane Abbott said something that was both accurate and perceptive. Speaking to the Guardian she asserted that Britain was facing ‘a crisis of masculinity’. Where consumerism had replaced earning, providing and belonging for many men, giving rise to a culture of “hypermasculinity” – a culture that exaggerates what are perceived as manly […]

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Marvin’s Corridor Recommended Music – August 2013

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Premier League: Season Preview

By Assad Ali   Saturday 17th August 2013. The day so many of us in England (and Wales) have been waiting for, for 3 long months. Last season we were unfortunate enough to experience the most average Premier League season in recent history where an unimpressive Manchester United strolled to yet another league title, without […]

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Best League in the World?

by Myles Cupid ‘What is the best league in world?’, that is one of the most poignant questions of our generation, along side ‘Ah weh yuh get da new Clarks deh DAADI??’ and ‘How can she slap??’. Like Ma$e, this question comes back around every couple of years or so but in this summer of […]

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