A Post About Nothing – 29th July

Publicis and Omnicom, two of the largest advertising networks in the world merged to become the largest, overtaking WPP. PepsiCo and Coca-Cola under the same network, this’ll be interesting. “Your mum lives in a big yellow storage centre room”, courtesy of JME. I watched Olympus Has Fallen last night, some good entertainment for 2 hours but it […]

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The Shadow of Generation X

Observing our generation and seeing what drives us has been intriguing. In some ways we’re trying to find our own identity and want to live life by our own rules, not by those set by the generation before us. Yet I’ve also observed that we’re not too dissimilar from the generation that preceded us. I […]

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Sorry Hollywood, TV Has This One

It’s fair to say that within the last few years, TV has overtaken Hollywood in terms of appeal. Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Homeland, Boardwalk Empire, Suits, The Wire,  and Hannibal are only a handful of captivating TV shows that have graced our small screens in recent years. Hollywood will always be there […]

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July 1st > June 18th

Remember when release dates actually used to matter? The anticipation for Kanye’s, Mac Miller’s and J Cole’s albums (not forgetting Statik Selektah) made June 18th seem like it was going to go down as a historic hip-hop release date. Only problem was that everyone had already listened to the leaks by the time the day […]

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