Nike Pays Homage To Kobe Bryant

We all know Kobe Bryant has solidified his place in basketball’s Hall of Fame, the legend extends beyond the numbers and statistics. The Lakers stalwart has overcome adversity early in his career to become one of the most recognisable and marketable athletes in sport. What happens when injury threatens to end your career? Nike releases […]

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Hyundai’s Suicide Gaffe

lol? That’s all you can say. Were they trying to be funny? Who would ever think that would be positively effective? Why would you say the agency put it out without your permission yet they were given the budget by you? I’ve read loads of articles saying the same stuff but ‘lol?’ really sums it […]

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What Twitter #Music Means For Us

Twitter #music so far seems like a good discovery app for music. After having a play around, I believe it will serve me well in the future, particularly the ‘Emerging’ tab. This allows users to discover new music, mostly by unheard artists. The ‘Suggested’ tab is almost spot on, #music has collated the artists based […]

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