Being Unapologetically Black

Race has always been a prevalent topic of discussion. Before we were black, we simply existed as people. Black didn’t become a race until whites coined it. With any dialogue regarding race comes a field of eggshells, people are cautious as they don’t want to defend and rightfully so. Many people, notably my closest friends, […]

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New Music – King avriel – 180

Good music is what you come to expect from LA native, King avriel. Since appearing on the scene, the songstress has been going from strength to strength with each release. King avriel’s latest release 180 certainly doesn’t buck the trend. The beat is everything you’d expect from an R&B track, thumping bass. As with her […]

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Aaron Ramsey

By Blake Valentine Aaron “Rambo” Ramsey has just scored the wining goal and collected the man of the match award in the FA Cup Final of 2014, which told, as it abruptly spat in the face of the hurt and torment of the 9 years that preceded it. It was around 3,287 days since Patrick […]

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